Annual Subscription to the Kit-Catalogue Project

At the request of many organisations, we can now provide hosting as part of the Kit-Catalogue Project Subscription package.


LU shall provide the following as a benefit of annual subscription to the Kit-Catalogue Project as outlined below, for which the subscriber has paid an annual fee. These benefits shall be in effect during a period of one year commencing on the date of order.


The following are the annual subscription rates that apply for UK Higher Education Institutions, based on the current JANET banding as stated http://www.jisc-collections.ac.uk/Help-and-information/JISC-Banding/HE-A-J-banding-list/

JISC Band Annual Subscription
a £4,950.00
b £4,400.00
c £3,850.00
d £3,300.00
e £2,750.00
f £2,200.00
g £1,650.00
h £1,100.00
i £550.00

If you are not a UK HEI and would like to become a project subscriber, please contact kit-catalogue@lboro.ac.uk to find out the cost for your organisation.


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$search= “subscription”;
$table= “lboro_documentStore”;

//Build Results
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