Kit-Catalogue Installations

Loughborough’s Kit-Catalogue

Anyone can view the publicly visible items within Loughborough’s Kit-Catalogue. Staff can log-in to view the full database with almost 2000 items of research and/or teaching equipment.

Visit Loughborough’s Kit-Catalogue here.

Bristol’s Kit-Catalogue

Kit Catalogue has been live and in operation internally at University of Bristol since June 2012. The next phase will be to make selected items of equipment available for external viewing.

Visit University of Bristol’s research equipment database here.

Leicester’s Kit-Catalogue

View the University of Leicester’s publically available equipment from across the university. More equipment is available to University of Leicester staff upon login.

Visit the University of Leicester’s Kit-Catalogue here.

Northumbria’s Kit-Catalogue

Anyone can view the kit/equipment/facilities currently “live” within the Northumbria catalogue.

Visit Northumbria’s Kit-Catalogue here.

Newcastle’s Kit-Catalogue

View Newcastle University’s publically available equipment at the link below.

Visit Newcastle’s Kit-Catalogue here.

Nottingham’s Kit-Catalogue

University of Nottingham staff can log on to view over 1000 items of research equipment from across the university

Visit the University of Nottingham’s Kit-Catalogue here.

UCL’s Kit-Catalogue

UCL’s Research Equipment Catalogue contains over 1500 items from across the university, with more than 400 visible to the public.

Visit UCL’s Kit-Catalogue here.

UseScience Scientific Services Catalogue

UseScience portal is based on the Kit-Catalogue platform and contains scientific services and equipment in the Baltic region. UseScience portal is regularly updated with new equipment and services and new institutions are welcome to join and publish their services and equipment.

Visit UseScience’s Kit-Catalogue here.

M5 Universities

M5 is a group of Midlands research-intensive universities, initially Birmingham, Leicester, Loughborough, Nottingham and Warwick, and more recently joined by Aston, that is exploring how to boost research collaboration and improve sharing of equipment.

M5 Universities’ equipment catalogue

De Montfort University

De Montfort University’s Kit-Catalogue is currently being populated and will be available for public view in summer 2014.

De Montfort University’ equipment catalogue

University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow’s, College of Medical, Veterinary & Life Sciences, Equipment Sharing Database (Kit Catalogue) has been live and in operation internally since March 2014. Staff can log on to view over 600 items of research equipment from across the various Institutes & Schools which make up the College.
The next phase will be to populate areas with additional scientific equipment within our College structure during the year ahead to enhance research collaboration and improve equipment sharing.

The Open University

We are world leaders in inclusive, innovative and high impact STEM research and teaching. Our vibrant community provides solutions to scientific and technological challenges faced by business, governments and societies. Our facilities and laboratories cover an extensive range of services and opportunities. Please have a browse and we look forward to hearing from you.
View The Open University’s publicly available equipment at the link below.

The Open University’s Kit-Catalogue.