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You can download the latest pre-release version of Kit-Catalogue here:

current version: 2.0.8 (change log)

System Requirements:

Although the PHP code will probably run OK on Windows IIS, the .htaccess file and mod_rewrite directives will need converting to the IIS equivalent setup to get everything up and running. We should have proper instructions on that ready for v1.0.

The documentation is currently a bit patchy, but we have a user manual which explains the basic operation of all the different parts of the system, and which can be accessed here:

If you are a technician trying to install the software, once you have unzipped everything onto your web server, you should probably start by browsing to the /install/ folder. There’s also some information on local configuration and setup in the /docs/ folder.
The install folder contains a wizard which will guide you through the setup process, and help you setup your local folder, where all your institution specific configuration, CSS and layout changes will live.
I know it’s a busy time, but I hope some of you can give the Kit-Catalogue software a trial run. Please do let us have your comments, suggestions, bug reports, etc.