Overview of Kit-Catalogue


The Materials Research School, in conjunction with the Centre for Engineering and Design Education, at Loughborough University developed an ‘Equipment Database’ in 2008. An online catalogue of laboratory equipment, workshop machines and specialist tools. Accessible to any member of staff or student to search for an item to borrow, book out or hire for teaching or research use.

In March 2011, Loughborough University received JISC funding to develop the equipment database as an open source system. The project made significant enhancements to the system with the intention of providing the public views of the website (for other institutions or companies to use) as well as linked data for other web services to exploit.

In December 2011, the whole enhanced application, ‘Kit-catalogue’, has been made available as Open Source software for any institution or company to install.

Reasons for using the Kit-Catalogue

By using the open source ‘Kit-Catalogue’ system within their own institutions, organisations will be able to work towards more efficiency, utilising the assets already in existence and lessening the need for duplication of material assets to become a more sustainable campus.

Benefits include:

Development methodology

The project team works closely with end-users in the following activities: